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Kikuoka Country Club

The rules of Golf are established by the ROYAL AND ANCIENT GOLF CLUB OF ST ANDREWS. They are defined in the rule books and govern all competitions and have to be strictly adhered to. All cards submitted to KCC for any purpose MUST be played according to the official rules of golf.

It is everybody’s personal responsibility to understand and adhere to these rules. 

The rules of golf state that play shall be continuous during 18 holes. If however, you wish to take a break after 9 holes in friendly games and restart on the 10th hole, you loose your standing and have to give priority to any flight coming from the 9th hole.

Please avoid slow play. The rules of golf say if you loose a clear hole to the flight in front of you, you must let the following flight play through if that flight is playing faster than you.

You have 3 minutes to look for a lost ball. But please bear in mind: 3 minutes are shorter than you think!

Two ball flights have priority over 3 and 4 ball flights. A single player has no standing and has to give way to every 2, 3 or 4 ball flight.


Before playing on the course or on the driving range make sure you observe the club’s dress code. No jeans, shorts and sleeveless T-Shirts are allowed.

Dogs are not allowed on the golf course.

Please always check in at the reception before going to the first tee. There you will be given a starting time, if you do not already have one. This is the only way the club can control access to the course and protect the interests of all players. Reservations are accepted up to 2 weeks in advance and can also be made via the club’s website. 

Make sure you are at the tee at least 5 minutes before your allocated starting time.

Play must always start at the 1st tee unless otherwise decided by the golf reception. Starting on Hole No 10 is in general not allowed; only by permission of the golf reception. 

In busy times, either staff at the reception or the starter will put together flights of 3 or 4 players i.e. two 2 balls will be put together or a single player will be asked to join a 2 or a 3 ball flight.

KCC Management’s objective is to maintain the course in top class condition. In extreme circumstances, KCC may decide that play could damage the course and decide that play may not be permitted.

Please remember to repair all pitch marks, replace all divots and rake all bunkers before moving on to the next hole; because after all it is YOUR COURSE.


“Out of Bounds” is defined by white posts and/or electric fences. If a player believes his ball may be lost, to save time he should play a provisional ball. (see rule 27)

“Lateral Water Hazards” are defined by red stakes.(see rule 26)

“Ground under Repair” is defined by blue stakes or white lines. Relief must be taken when stance or ball are in ground under repair. (see rule 25)

All artificially surfaced paths and roads are immovable obstructions. (see rule 24-2).

Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions.(see rule 24-1)

Penalty for breach of local rule: In Match Play loss of hole and in stroke play and in stableford two strokes.

The local rules are stated on the score card and special rules applicable from time to time will be published at the golf club reception desk.


1. Signing up:

Sign up sheets for competitions will be posted on the notice board two weeks prior to the competition.

 2. Closing date

For competitions scheduled on a Saturday, the closing date is Wednesday noon before the competition. For competitions scheduled on a Sunday, the closing date is Thursday noon before the competition. The draw will be posted on the following Friday. There will be no changes to starting times once they have been posted.

 3. Check-in

All competitors must check in at the front desk at the latest 15 minutes prior to their tee off times and they should be at their starting point at the latest 5 minutes prior to their tee off times.

 4. Cancellations

Competitors cancelling their participation after the respective closing date (see point 2. above) will have to pay the entry fee.

 5. No-shows

Competitors who fail to appear for a competition without having cancelled their participation will have to pay the entry fee. They will be in suspension for 1 competition at the first offence, and in suspension for 3 competitions at the second offence.

 6. Tees

All competitions will be played from the yellow tees for men and the red tees for ladies unless otherwise stated in the conditions of the competition.

 7. Pace rating

The pace rating for the course is 4 hrs and 30 min. Playing slower than the pace rating may cost you 1 stroke in strokeplay and 2 points in stableford competitions. A group losing more than 2 holes on the group ahead may be disqualified and asked to leave the course.

 8. Discontinuance of play

Discontinuance of play when not allowed under rule 6-8 will cause disqualification of the player and suspension of the right to participate in the next competition.

9. Ties

A countback system will be used in the event of a tie. The countback will be as follows: last 9, last 6, last 3, 18th, 17th, 15th. This system may be modified by the competition committee.

10. Prizes

A player cannot win both gross and net prizes. In the event of a player being eligible for both, the gross prize takes precedence. A prize winner must be present at the prize giving ceremony in order to receive his prize (only the sponsor may decide differently).

11. Protests

All competitions will be played in accordance with the rules of the ROYAL AND ANCIENT GOLF CLUB OF ST ANDREWS and local rules where they apply. Any protests in connection with a competition or a match should be made to the competition committee. It’s decision on ruling on any matter relating to the competition rules or the rules of golf shall be final. A competition is deemed to have closed when the prize giving has taken place or in match play when the results have been posted.

12. Entry fees

Entry fees for any competition must be paid prior to departure otherwise no score card will be handed out.

These rules apply to all competitions. If a good reason exists, the competition committee may change above rules.



KCC has the right to take any appropriate measures to sanction serious or repeated breach of rules, as well as inappropriate, offensive and/or life endangering behaviour.


Access to the course will be granted to non-handicappers after they have established their playing abilities with a golf professional.


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